How to Create Your Surfer’s Journey Journal

Surfer's Journey Journal

Creating The Surfer’s Journey

In 2012 I burned out,  left my thirty year medical practice, went surfing, and wrote The Surfer’s Journey as my research based thesis in a Phd in Leadership program.

Now I practice Motivational Medicine and professionally coach and teach students and people like you how to lead a rich, bliss filled life.

This is what I wanted to do. I’m a better doctor now.

How Will this Book Help You?

People who come to me are trying to figure out what to do with their lives. Their tired, burned out, and need help. It doesn’t have to be that way.

You want  to wake-up happy, healthy, and living what you are created to do, not what you’ve been molded to do under a social mask that doesn’t fit.

So, that means taking the risk to begin again to discover what you are and what you’re supposed to bring to the world.

Trust me, with 800,000 patient visits in my rear view mirror I know you. And I know you’re being called. Don’t be deaf.

Why The Surfer’s Journey is Unique.

The Surfer’s Journey isn’t a book to read, it’s a book to do. It’s not a how to book, but a what if book.

  • When completed, the book becomes a colorful symbolic subconscious depiction of your journey to escape what I call the beach of same.
  • You’ll hold a picture story of your battle with the false monsters that threaten to steal your destiny.
  • You’ll see and feel what’s holding you back.


Please Follow these Four Steps

The following are the four steps to reading The Surfer’s Journey as recommended leadership professor and author Dr. Nancy Blair.


  • Go to a comfortable place without your cell phone, no computer, no pens, and where no one will interrupt you and simply enjoy the book. 
  • Afterward, take some time, a day or more, and think about the characters; John Foster, Kanoa, Malu, Kanaloa and where you are in your life right now.


  • This time bring a pen & colored pencils. Then start reading and just let  go.
  • Maybe read one chapter and draw and write the first image or thought.
  • Or, read the book again and focus on those chapters that stimulate the surfer in you – the one that’s been waiting to build your surfboard.


  •  Then, sit back and examine your life and answer this question: What is the voice in my onshore breeze calling me to do.
  •  Let your subconscious do the work, something will snap. It always does.
  • Maybe you’ll be driven to talk to someone, start the business you’ve always wanted, or like me, start a PhD program to see if you can do it.


  • Share your book and journey, or give someone a book and meet and talk and dare each other to wax-up then . . . paddle out together.

Understand that embedded within the mythological story, metaphors, and surfing’s ten principles are the secrets of freedom that all great leaders and heroes know and practice.

It’s time – paddle out with me.

Take Care,

Dr. Don

PS: Also, watch for the The Surfer’s Journey Seminars and Podcast.