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People asked me what I’m going to write on my blog and my answer is anything that will move people off their beach of same, even if it’s metaphorically just to stick their toe in the water for the first time.

Blogs are discussions we share about our lives, our waves, our kids and grandchildren and in my case surfing, motivation, and journeys. So let’s talk, share our stories, and help each other swim to that first rock.

How to Create Your Surfer’s Journey Journal

Available Paperback and Digital Creating The Surfer's Journey In 2012 I burned out,  left my thirty year medical practice, went surfing, and wrote The Surfer's Journey as my research based thesis in a Phd in Leadership program.  Now I practice Motivational Medicine and professionally coach and teach students and people like you how to lead a rich, bliss filled life. This is what I wanted to do. I'm a better doctor now. How Will this Book Help You? People who come to me are trying to figure out what to do with their lives. Their tired, burned out, and need help. It ...
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Lessons from Surfer Lance Clinton's Near Death Story

Lance Clinton is a surfer who almost drowned on a big day at Hermosa Beach Costa Rica. I met with him while doing interviews for The Surfer’s Journey and when he said, “ I almost died the other day,” I recorded his story. It wasn’t that he almost drowned; it’s his articulate and insightful recollection that makes the interview so powerfully metaphorical. I’ve shown the video to my clients and in my talks and there were themes and lessons that recurred so I decided to show three quotes and write some thoughts. I’ve referred to the longer version above - about ...
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Surfer’s Journey One-Week Retreat

July 2017 - Nosara, Costa Rica Surfer’s Journey One-Week Retreat Details coming soon.
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American Association for Physician Leaders

April 2017 – New York, NY American Association for Physician Leaders More information coming soon.
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Mind, Body, & Soul Surfing Club – Run for Recovery

November 2016 – Orlando, FL Mind, Body, & Soul Surfing Club – Run for Recovery For more information please visit www.mbsrecoveryrun.com
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“I knew my back was cut or scraped; I noticed splotches of blood on the beach and saw that the gashes on my feet were plugged with black sand.”


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