The Surfer’s Journey: The Path to Transformational Heroship


The Surfer’s Journey is a fable about a character that, like many of my patients and clients, refuses to answer the call from his dreams until a surprise letter sends him on a dangerous mythological hero’s journey to discover the ten ancient principles of he’e nalu (surfing).

This mythological fable was created so I could use its ten principles to teach transformational leadership and heroship through the lens of surfing and is the result of my own transformational journey in over four years in the Doctorate in Leadership Program at Cardinal Stritch University.

I was frustrated with the world of medicine, burned-out, and like many of my patients and students, ignored that inner voice that keeps telling us it’s getting late. I became my own researched study and as a result left full-time medical practice to do what I’m doing now: writing, speaking, surfing, and teaching people like you how to find and ride their perfect wave of bliss.

5 AM & Already Behind

(2nd Edition Pending)

I wrote this book on a dare from my friend Michael Gerber (The E-myth) after I had informed one of my best patients that he had an incurable disease and that his life would be short. I was angry and knew that if this wonderful man had changed one bad habit that he would be alive today.

I created and trademarked a word, Bahbit, for bad habit and used the Bahbit System extensively in my medical practice. The patients responded; they loved that I changed my focus from drugs and disease to simplicity and in the end, I felt I was a better and more effective doctor.


Your Smoking Bahbit: Seven Steps to Stop Smoking Now

(2nd Edition Pending)

When my mother died from smoking-induced emphysema next to a blue oxygen bottle, I swore I would never let that happen to anyone else. The book began after a discussion with a crying patient who “just wanted to quit smoking”

I heard myself say “Just think of smoking as colors, the carcinogens are black, that’s what causes cancer and the nicotine is red, that’s what keeps you addicted.” For some reason it worked; the patient quit, so I went crazy.

I wrote the book with a foreword by author and coach, Terri Levine, and then did a full CD series of the smoking cessation class I taught in my practice. I hope it’s saved lives. Due to changes in medical treatments, the book is pending an update this year.


Lessons from New Smyrna Beach

(Publication Pending)

My wife would often say, “You’re so different when you’re at the beach,” and I was. There, I could be the surfer, the Coydogg in my mythic element, and I wanted to my daughters to learn the lessons of surf bliss. So we took dad-daughter trips to New Smyrna Beach, Florida, just us, no rules.

This upcoming book captures in pictures and words the lessons taught by being yourself and doing what you love. Watch out . . . my best friend cried when he read it.


“I knew my back was cut or scraped; I noticed splotches of blood on the beach and saw that the gashes on my feet were plugged with black sand.”


The Surfer's Journey