“We all have a story to tell about our journey in life. Listening to Don’s presentation about The Surfer’s Journey put me in the water of my own life story and allowed me to feel the wave of emotions and surge of experiences to realize I, too, am a hero.

My journey through Restless Curiosity (my surfer name) has allowed me to learn more about myself. Don’s message has positively challenged me to paddle out beyond my daily life patterns and see the beauty of the world beyond the breakwater.”

Anne Ecker

Doctoral Student, Cardinal Stritch University


“I’ve had the opportunity to be coached by Dr. Kennedy a number of times. His deep knowledge and compassion combined with an unflinching willingness to say what needs to be said and what I need to hear makes his experience and advice invaluable to me.

His combination of medical and business knowledge and backed up by in the trenches experience gives him great breadth of understanding and ability to dig in deep and help you solve your most pressing problems. He is unique in his position as a coach and mentor. When he says don’t wait, he means it!”

Dave Lakhani

Author: Persuasion The Art of Getting What You Want
CEO of Bold Approach, Inc.


When I first spoke to Don about editing The Surfer’s Journey, I was intrigued. I was familiar with the Hero’s Journey and looked forward to seeing it played out through the eyes of a surfer. Other than the surfing angle, I expected no surprises. It was going to be just another editing job.

Boy, was I wrong.

As I started learning about Don’s protagonist, John Foster, I also started identifying with him. Like John, I was stuck on the safe but mundane “beach of same.” Also like him, I needed to make some changes, but fear kept me inside my cocoon of safety.

The more I worked with Don on his book, the more my brain nagged me to take a chance. But on what, exactly? One day before returning to my job as a high school English teacher – a job that leads to anxiety, stress, and exhaustion – an opportunity presented itself.

I was dreading going back to school. Testing, damaged teenagers in need of nurturing and attention, fixation on data… I had job security, but at what expense? So when a friend reached out to me to ask if I knew any writers, I answered with a confident, “I write.”

I had experience with writing, but it had been a while. I had been editing for so long, that I pretty much forgot how much I loved putting my own words to paper. This was my chance to emerge from my cocoon, get off the beach of same, to swim out – one rock at a time – and find my perfect wave.

Saying yes to that opportunity has changed my life. Through editing and writing, I am able to use parts of my brain that teaching no longer allows me to use. With every project, I grow stronger and faster. That perfect wave is just around the corner; when it comes, I will be ready.

Robin Stonaker

“I am here to lead you beyond the threshold of the meaningless.”


The Surfer's Journey